Presidential Chain of Command

Cadet Staff Chain of Command

Commander in Chief

The Honorable Donald J. Trump

Secretary of Defense 

The Acting Patrick M. Shanahan 

Squadron Commander:

C/Lieutenant Colonel Torres, Isaac

First Sergeant:

C/ Master Sergeant Thurman, Dylan 

Operations Commander:

C/Major Hernandez, Delilah

Support Commander:

C/Major Veyna, Alondra

Secretary of The Air Force

The Honorable Heather Wilson

Alpha Flight Commander:

C/Capt. Favela, Nikita

Bravo Flight Commander:

C/2nd Lt. Watson, Mackenzie

Air Force Chief of staff  
General David Goldfien 

   Charlie Flight Commander:

        C/ 2nd Lt. Sosnowski, Donald

        Delta Flight Commander:

 C /2nd Lt. Gato Angel   

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright 

Echo Flight Commander:

C/2nd Lt. Chaptinel,Stephen   

Foxtrot Flight Commander:

C/ Capt. Bowman, Nicholas 

Commander of Air Education and Training Command 

Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast

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Recruiting Officer:

C/ 1st Lt. Magdaleno, Alexa

Commander of Air University

Lieutenant General Anthony J. Cotton

Information's Manager:

C/2nd Lt. DeMeritt, Nathanial

Logistics Officer:

C/2nd Lt. DeMorris, Joshua 

Commander of Holm Center

Brigadier General Christopher J. Niemi

Personnel Officer:

C/1st Lt. Lopez, Yoshelin

Public Affairs Officer:

C/2nd Lt. Noel, Angelina

Director of AFJROTC

Colonel Paul C. Lips