Presidential Chain of Command

Cadet Staff Chain of Command

Commander in Chief

The Honorable Donald J. Trump

Secretary of Defense 

The Honorable James Mattis

Squadron Commander:

C/Lieutenant Colonel Perez, Mariela

First Sergeant:

C/Senior Master Sergeant Davis, Emerald

Operations Commander:

C/Major Griffin, Kailey

Support Commander:

C/Captain Hung, Julie

Secretary of The Air Force

The Honorable Heather Wilson

Alpha Flight Commander:

C/2nd Lieutenant Hernandez, Delilah

Bravo Flight Commander:

C/Captain Mendivil, Elijah

Chief of Staff of the Air Force

General David Goldfien 

Charlie Flight Commander:

C/1st Lieutenant Boyer, Dawson

Delta Flight Commander:

C/2nd Lieutenant O'Bannon, Michael

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright 

Echo Flight Commander:

C/2nd Lieutenant O' Leary, Shawn

Foxtrot Flight Commander:

C/1st Lieutenant Barrick, Ryan

Commander of Air Education and Training Command 

Lieutenant General Darryl L. Roberson

Golf Flight Commander:

C/1st Lieutenant Bowman, Nicholas

Recruiting Officer:

C/1st Lieutenant McGrail, Patrick

Commander of Air University

Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast 

Information's Manager:

C/1st Lieutenant Conner, Amber

Logistics Officer:

C/2nd Lieutenant Lefferts, Crystal

Commander of Holm Center

Brigadier General Steven D. Garland 

Personnel Officer:

C/2nd Lieutenant Veyna, Alondra

Public Affairs Officer:

C/1st Lieutenant Floyd, Caleb

Director of AFJROTC

Colonel Bobby C. Woods, Jr.